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If Your Online Reputation Is Being Destroyed, You Need Immediate Professional Help

It’s never been easier to ruin someone’s reputation than it is today. Both individuals and Fortune 500 companies are at risk. It is fairly easy to spread lies, untrue reviews or youthful moments of idiocy, but it’s much harder to repair the damage. This digital damage can affect someone’s business, professional reputation or personal relationships.

The Need for Online Reputation Management

Everyone has moments in their past that they would like to re-do, but can’t. Outright lies, whether from an unhappy customer or a vengeful ex, become more believable each time that they are repeated. Younger people are especially at risk, simply because they have happily digitized so much of their lives. Those crazy, drunken party pics won’t look very good to a prospective boss or business client. When that youthful mug shot shows up on the first page of Google, it’s time for damage control.

What Can Someone Do On Their Own?

Take a look at and correct all of the profiles that have been created, especially LinkedIn.

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Make sure that user ids and Twitter handles are appropriate; “partyallnite” won’t impress the right people.

Review social media accounts and remove anything questionable.

Why is Professional Help Needed?

Businesses hire seo experts so their their listing will show up on the first page of Google results. Almost no one ever sees the listings on page two. One corrective action needed now is to keep negative listings from appearing on page one.

It’s just the opposite of what is chattanooga seo experts usually do. Just as it takes technical expertise to get someone on page one, it takes just as much expertise, if not more, to push bad digital content into invisibility. Be proactive. The longer a problem continues, the harder it will be to fix it.

You Never Know What Will Go Viral

No one ever expects a simple Tweet to go viral, but it has happened to many. One defensive or aggressive remark can spread far and wide.

Don’t be Scammed

Con artists will search for bad information on someone and then tell them that they will erase it for a fee. They won’t. If someone pays, there will probably be another request later for more money.

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